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Enjoy BTC gaming at the best Bitcoin casino.

With Dice Rolling, Head & Tail, Rock Paper scissors, Number Slot - whatever your game is, we’ve got you covered. 
Choose your game and take on the house. Be the next player to experience a truly life changing win in Powerbits’s leading crypto casino.

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Head & Tail

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Why Choose Powerbits

This platform is directed to everyone who is looking for profit in a fun way and at the lowest possible price.

Payment Gateway

We will enable you to benefit from our casino games without any concern and search for Ways to transfer your money from one platform to another.

Quick Response

The casino support team is available every day and every week, whether through direct messages, email.

Invest Win And Earn

The process is easy, allocate an amount to play with, continue on the site, play, double your money, and continue to enjoy.

Secure Betting Platform

Your security and the security of your private wallet are among our very important and essential matters..

Referral Commission System

Invite your friends, get them playing, and let them take advantage of our many offers. You will make a profit each time one of your friends makes a deposit. Any earnings you make can be claimed and used to play with or withdraw.

Awesome Gaming Platform

Profiting without fun is a boring thing, so we have provided different and fun games to make your experience with us fun

How Work Powerbits


Choose Lottery

Choose the type of competition or game you want according to your taste and knowledge of it.


Pick Number

Choose your lucky winning number and get ready to win


Confirm Lottery

Enter the amount you want to invest in the game.


Win Lottery!

Wait for the result of the game to appear, and congratulations on winning

Buy ticket and get million dollars for a click

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